Tinting system colours

A modern tinting system ensures that the selected colour can be repeatedly replicated with accuracy and consistency. The heart of the tinting system consists of a range of colourants and a computer software application that contains all the available tinting formulae. Edmon typically manufactures two types of base paint: white A-type and clear B-type base paint. All the colours available are produced by adding colourants to it. Retailers tint paint on demand with a machine that dispenses the exact amount of colourant into the base paint. That is how the colour card code ensures that the same colour can be accurately replicated in various paint products.

The natural colour of binders and fillers used in paint may vary - some base paints have yellowish tinges, while others appear bluish. Naturally, this affects the final colour of the paint. There are 16 colourants in the Edmon Symphony range, which help to create tens of thousands of different colour tints. Façade colourants are also available and are used in paint types intended for mineral-based surfaces.